It's Friday! Random Mostly.

It's been a long week for me at work. Not much to blog about this morning. I will only be going to work for a couple hours today and out at lunch time!

I did buy a Promag Glock vice block this week. I have one for AR15s and find it to be very damn handy. I can clamp it in my vice and hold double stacks.

I also ordered four more mags for my Glock 17. The package came yesterday with four mags for a Glock 19. That little adventure will be blogged about later. Will it be a post about good or bad customer service?  We shall see...

It's 11 degrees out there right now. I moved to Virginia to get away from the cold dammit!  Where is my Global Warming when I need it! They promised me global warming! Oh, sorry. Climate Change. 

--I will also be doing my taxes this weekend. I will NEED to go to the range after that.

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Old NFO said...

Yeah, that's on my to do list too... sigh