Range run duds

On Saturday when Tony and I went to the range all we took was .22LR.

I was intentionally shooting my oldest ammo. The Ammo had to be at least 25 years old. 

The Remington 597 has a pretty light firing pin. And out of the 150 rounds I shot from it about 10 of them were duds. They had very clear strike marks and I carefully set them aside.

I had also brought along my HR .22 revolver and as a test I loaded up all these duds in there. I ran the entire drum 3 full times. Eventually all the rounds fired but one. Some on the first lap, some on the second and none on the third.

Only one round failed to fire after four tries, including the rifle.

I'm thinking of getting another .22 revolver.

--It was a good day.


Stretch said...

I've only one .22 revolver.
I have to fix that.
Feel free to share your research and opinions.

Old NFO said...

I could make some suggestions... :-) K22 or a Diamondback in .22 are great revolvers!

jon spencer said...

I have a Dan Wesson revolver in 22, It shoots really well. Little heavy and parts are not that common.

abnormalist said...

Always been a fan of the ruger single six. Get the interchangeable cylinders for 22lr and 22wmr