Want: AK-47

I have been an AR-15 guy for a long time. This week I saw a friends tricked out AK-47.  The picture below is not the exact one but it's close. He has a compact EOTech on his, verticle front grip, hot green LASER and extra sling points. Magpul and other companies make a ton of extras for these.

Magpul upgrades on the AK
The feature I liked is the folding, adjustable stock. It can be fired easily with the stock closed. It makes it much more compact while slung.

--The modest base price he paid for it new will be hard to find anytime soon.


That Guy said...

The AK is another one that eceryone should have in the collection. Personally, I don't like the whole "put an M4 stock on everything!" look. Especially since there are great AK folders out there.

Anonymous said...

I'm with JB. I like the ability to adjust the stock. The normal folding stocks for AKs do not adjust for the user.

Murphy's Law said...

Heck, ya might as well just get that thing chambered for .223 and be done with it. ;-)

JB Miller said...

I am amazed how much better I shoot with an adjustable stock.