Gun Show Fly By

I was going to go to the Nations Gun Show This weekend just to see the feeding frenzies for myself. I drove by at 3:30pm yesterday and the line went around the block. The Fire Marshall was only letting people in as others were coming out.

No blog fodder from that show but check out this video. Guy in Florida was having the same issue with a smaller gun show.

-- President Obama is the Gun salesman of the year.


Bubblehead Les. said...

Went to the Retail Stores mid-week just to check out the current situation here on the North Coast by Cleveland's East Side.

Shotguns, Bolt Guns, Lever Guns, Single Shots, Black Powder and Pistols readily available, but close to MSRP. Semi-Auto Rifles in .22LR, VERY Slim. Center-Fire Semi-Autos? Non-Existant.

Ammo? 20 round "Self- Defense" Pistol available, but running around $25 for a box of 20. Rifle? Hunting Rounds, same price. Bulk Ammo? .22LR? Forgets abouts it! I was LUCKY to find some .22LR in the little 50 round Boxes at my local Wally World, but they were being Rationed at 3 Boxes a DAY! Oh, BTW, all the 12 Gauge Skeet and Trap Loads you want, but Slugs and Double Ought? Vanished.

IF the Ammo and Gun Manufacturers are telling us the truth and they are making stuff ASAP, then it's either getting "Diverted" before it hits the Distributors (Tin-Foil Hat Reasoning) or Obama just made 50 Million BRAND NEW GUN OWNERS WHO WANT STUFF NOW!

And the Entire Manufacturing capability in the U.S. TODAY can only handle about 5 Million New Guys a year.

So DON'T WASTE AMMO! You may not be able to replace it.

JB Miller said...

I am one of the lucky ones to have had my inventory on hand at my desired levels before the rush.

I wish I had more .45 ACP because I shoot that a lot.

This situation has seriously cut into my range time. I am not going to use up ammo I cannot easily replace.

Shelves are empty here of everything. When I do see something it's double in price.

Old NFO said...

I went, I'll get a report up in a bit...

Stretch said...

I hit the Nation's Gun Show today (Sat.) about 12:45. Short wait turned humbling when everyone stood back and let a vet go to the head of the line. He had two prosthetic legs. He looked very embarrassed but all pointed him to the head of the line. Warm fuzzies lasted the rest of the day.
Place jammed. Prices ridiculous. I got 5 books (plus a coloring book for cousin). One vendor was still selling ammo at pre-hysteria prices so got some hunting rounds in .303 and 6.5X55.