Finger Prints

Went down to the Sheriffs office last week to get some fingerprints done for another SBR paperwork effort.

I usually go to the courthouse admin office where they actually maintain a digital print system for administrative use in non-criminal processing.  Their system was down so I had to go to the main booking facility. 

It was a nice little tour. Lots of  bullet resistant glass, airlocks, and lines on the floor you have to stand behind. The mug shot camera station.

Turns out it brightens their day when you bring your own forms and Ten Cards already filled out for the Sheriff to sign for the ATF.

The Deputy that printed me was the tiniest Officer I have ever met. She was 5 feet nothin and might have weighted 100 pounds soaking wet. She liked printing cooperative people. She was a talker too. She carried a Glock 17 with 4 spare mags. The great equalizer. She also knew all about Roni Conversion Kits and would love one if she made more money.

--I enjoy interacting with polite, professional, friendly representatives of Law Enforcement.

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