WANT: 1966 International Harvester

1966 International Harvester
When I was a kid my father had an  International Harvester pickup truck and it was awesome.

It was rigged with a HUGE V8 and set up so it could tow massive loads on trailers that dwarfed it. I loved that truck.

Frankly I can't believe he ever let me drive it.

I saw this on the web today and I wanted it so bad! It's my favorite color and configuration. If I were ever to get a hobby vehicle it may be like this!

The thing that made me think of it for the blog was that it had a classic gun rack in the window. Everyone had them back in the day. My high school parking lot was full of them. In deer season they all had shotguns in them too. Even the teachers.

--Imagine that today...


Bubblehead Les. said...

Hell, I was on the Rifle Team in my Suburban High School back in the '70s, and no one blinked when were pulling the Remington .22lrs out of the School Gun Safe and carried them through the halls off to Practice or a Match.

Try that today.

Old NFO said...

Yep, NICE truck!!! :-)