Touring VCU Today

Today, I am taking my daughter for a tour of Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU).

What does this have to do with guns?

Guns are prohibited on campus.

I will not be carrying concealed today. But I will be asking questions about firearms on campus. I will let you know what the say.

The interesting thing is that it is an urban, state university. It is in the middle of Richmond proper. How do they measure when you are in public as opposed to private property where guns can be prohibited? And how can they call state own university grounds private property?

--I will try not to embarrass my daughter too much


Bubblehead Les. said...

Ran into that while attending Akron U. Don't know about Virginia, but the "No Guns on Campus" rule applys ONLY to University Property. Sounds like you have similar rules. I talked to our University Cops about that issue, and here's what they were told. If she gets in the Dorm or a University Owned House, she's Screwed if she has a Firearm, and the same with Autos parked on University Property. But She could be across the Street in a Private Apartment, or just walking the Dog down the Street, and she's Golden (provided she is Legal for CCW in the First Place). Also, we have the "No Guns Allowed" signs Law in effect in Ohio, so I have to deal with that,

But there were Damn Few Places on Campus that had Guards and Metal Detectors at the Entrances, and ANYONE could walk off the Public Street and through the Campus 24/7. And Trust me, there's a lot of Goblins floating around Urban Colleges. The only time I saw Backpacks being checked was when Chelsea Clinton was on Campus Campaigning for Moma during the Last Election Cycle.

So do what you need to do, while Obeying the Laws.

Patrick Haggerty said...

I was under the impression that we don't have any laws prohibiting carry on campus in VA? Just school rules (which could result in expulsion). A buddy of mine carried a pistol on JMUs campus every day he was at school, he knew the risks.

Chris said...

Did you find any answers to you inquiries? I attend VCU and am interested in what you found.