Failure to Feed

I had a new failure this weekend with my 1911. I thought I had worked out all the bugs on this puppy. So much so, that this had become my daily carry piece.

This was a totally new type of failure too. The slide locked open as if it was empty when it was not empty. A quick touch on the slide release and it's ready to go again.

The web does not seem to be much help. I have already tried a giant pile of mags to fix other issues. Different Rounds might cause it. But I have already run about 500 of these same rounds through it.

--Any Ideas?


Broken Andy said...

How is it on the lube? Maybe that's the issue.

MSgt B said...

Buy a Ruger P345?
Ha Ha. Just kidding.

Look for what's got the doohickey that detects the empty mag out of position.
How many rounds through it before FTF? Might could just be a dirt issue.

Ed Skinner said...

Lube? Metal burr? Grain of sand? Something unrepeatable?

Slap, rack, bang!

mmasse said...

See if the feed ramp has been nicked.

Stretch said...

Ditto on the Slide Lock.
Had same problem and my slide release was cracked and causing the slide to lock back on remaining rounds.

JB Miller said...

It was clean and well lubed.

The feed ramp is great, not involved. The next round is perfectly ready to rack.

It's like the slide lock round detector is too sensitive and invokes the lock.

Old NFO said...

Any chance you had your thumbs too high and inadvertently pushed the slide stop up? I've actually done that to myself before...

Vinosaur said...

Pull the firearm apart, and check the inside of the slide stop.

Look at the nub that gets pushed up by the magazine follower that would normally lock back the slide.

If you see a little copper build-up on the nub, then that is your problem.

The rounds are hitting the slide lock and causing it to prematurely engage.

This is (sadly) a pretty common problem with Kimbers. I know your pistol isn't a Kimber, BUT. I was having the same issue.

Kimber tells the customer (me) that you just need to file off a little of that nub and your problem will go away.

In my case, the problem did go away. I then ordered a replacement slide stop from Wilson combat. Which also got rid of the MIM part that Kimber used.

Sad that they know of this problem and still won't fix them on a $900 pistol.

Hope this helps.

Mad Saint Jack said...

Could also be a Magazine problem.

Mark the mag, and give it extra testing next range trip.

CTone said...

What Old NFO said. I used to cause the slidelock to engage with my thumbs. That went away permanently when I went to a "high thumbs" type hold where my shooting thumb rides the safety.