It's in the Air

There has been a lot of movement in my region to relax past gun control measures that have proven to not lower crime.
  • VA has the one gun a month for non-CCP holders lifted.
  • MD is in the process of switching from a May Issue to Must Issue conceal carry state.
  • DC had the Heller decision followed by Emily Miller
As far as politics go I fear a second term for President Obama. He has wisely stayed off gun control so far. Well if you don't count Fast and Furious type attempts to pad the issue.

--We have a long way to go. But we are moving the right direction.


Anonymous said...

That smell in the air is Freedom.

DualCore said...

I think the media is smelling money. Gun shows are getting popular. Gun depiction in dramas is way more positive. Even Survivalist shows are getting ratings!