Hunger Games

I just finished re-reading the Hunger Games series of books in prep for the movie to come out.

I find it very interesting when someone who knows nothing about guns, includes them in stories and does a good, non-distracting, job at it.

These are SciFi stories that take place in a post-apocalyptic America. I really enjoyed them and think this franchise will be huge, like Harry Potter.

--I will do a review when I see it!


Broken Andy said...

I could never get into Harry Potter.

Looking forward to this, thanks to your review.

Anonymous said...

These were kind of categorized as young adult fiction but man. These are violent to the point of depraved at times. "Let's find cool ways to kill 24 teens one at a time in gladiatorial games Running man style!" Incredible adult themes under the hood regarding corruption within the powers that be.

Laura said...

Against my better judgment, I'm going Thursday at midnight. If I'm coherent enough to talk about it afterward I'll let you know how it is.

Otherwise ye might have to wait 'till the weekend for my review. ;)

Anonymous said...

A midnight show might be fun!!