Wikipedia and Guns

I was discussing guns and computers and their intersection at work this week. One guy was telling me that there was a small war going on within Wikipedia regarding the depiction of firearms, their history and politics.

The Anti-gun crowd is apparently trying to delete, deface, re-write and bullshit the world via Wikipedia.

"The neutrality of this article is disputed." appears again and again when it comes to the topic of firearms and Gun Control. Positive depictions of firearms and their use as a tool for peace and negative depictions of anti-gun efforts are under constant revision by the anti's.

Revisionist history is a very popular past time of the anti-gun crowd. Even with the articles that describe their own organizations. Looking at the discussion sections of pages cracks me up. Even the Brady Campaign page has a Discuss section that is a hoot.

--There are massive gun resources in there. I should spend more time there.

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Carl said...

I just checked and all my guns are in there!