I need some land, dammit.

My wife and I are planning to buy some land in the next couple years. I want an existing cabin so we can begin to use it right away. But I also want to create a guest house or hidden retreat for us in a secluded spot there somewhere.

A nice cozy place full of books, rice, beans and Spam where we can quietly sit out the Killer Robot Uprising.

The $50 & Up Underground House Book

This book has the right idea.

Needs the right spot. It looks like it would be fun to create and conceal. Add a bit of solar power and we have a winner!

--Can be made so it's not only concealed but nicely bullet resistant!


RobertB said...

Thanks for the link! I have some land my folks left to me and that would be a perfect Survival Shelter if the shit hits the fan.

Do it right and it could be a great observation post too.

Anonymous said...

I was able to read the first dozen pages on Amazon.

I checked and my library has it! I now have it on reserve.

Bubblehead Les. said...

JB, the way the World's going, I'd buy some Land now, whether or not it has a Cabin. Get it all legal (Mortage Payments are fine, doesn't need to be paid off, just being Paid On), then tell the local Sheriff, the lady in the Diner, etc. that down the road you'll be building up a small Summer/Vacation Home. That'll let the Natives know that it's Private Property, and, over time, as you go back and forth to do your Construction Work, they'll just be thinking you're working on your Vacation Spot, and you won't be some Stranger nosing around.

Hope this helps.

Old NFO said...

Good idea, I have a cousin who actually lives in a house built partially into a hill out in Texas. Cheap to heat/cool, and VERY survivable... :-)

JB Miller said...

I would also spend my money at the local hardware store. Buy gas and food from local stores.

But truck in mass quantity food, fuel and ammo.