Movie: True Grit

The Miller Reviews: True Grit

First of all, let's be clear up front, I love True Grit with John Wayne. It may be my favorite John Wayne movie. I watched it often with my wife's father. Well, I watched while he slept in the recliner.  Please know that I will not be comparing the two movies.

The Internet Movie Firearms Database Lists the following guns in this movie:
I really liked how guns were depicted as tools. Some more effective than others. The BluRay had special features all about the guns. Really excellent, post civil war goodness. I enjoyed the movie. Typical Cohen Brothers sudden moments of violence. Great locations, characters and acting.

The Miller Rating = 7 of 10

--That eyepatch really brought that room together. Did it not?


Andy said...

I can't wait to see this movie.

45er said...

It's absolutely worth it to see the movie. Not better than John Wayne, just... different. I liked that it was darker (content, not brightness) than the John Wayne movie. The entire cast was excellent. I was very dubious since, like Miller, I am a huge fan of the original.