Keeping Stock

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I have seen multiple people posting what kind of rounds they keep in stock.

I sort my rounds into primary and secondary stock. My primary stock I keep in stock in volume. Secondary stock I only keep a few hundred rounds in each caliber.

Here is my spread:

Primary: I buy in bulk, sometimes from the Internet, usually at gun shows, and I shoot these cals a lot.

9mm, .40, .45 ACP,  .22LR, .223, .308, 12 ga

Secondary: I have guns in these cals but don't keep ammo in bulk for these.

.25acp, .380, .38, .38spl, .357, .44mag, 20 ga

I like to keep my primary stock rotated. I also keep my mags full at rest. I have never had a problem with spring fatigue. I never have enough mags, in any cal.

--I never have enough ammo.

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Old NFO said...

Join the crowd... sigh... Can't afford to keep all I'd like!