Bull Run Regional Park Shooting Center

Andy over at The Tempestuous Sea got me looking at my bookmarks. One of the ones I found buried in there to send over to him was for Bull Run Regional Park Shooting Center.

Here is a quick blurb from their website:

"Bull Run Shooting Center offers 5 different shotgun games that are fun and exciting for new or experienced shooters of all ages.  Our Learn-To-Shoot class, which is required for new shooters to our range, is affordable and fun.  Certified instructors are available for experienced shooters who want to improve their scores.  The shooting center is open year-round and features a pro-shop for shotgun reloading supplies, ammunition and more. Rental guns are available."

It has excellent archery ranges too! One of the best things about it is the that the costs are so cheap. Here is a list of current pricing, all subject to change:

Skeet, Trap & Sporting Clays Range
Skeet or Trap (25 Targets)
Weekends/Holidays $5.50
Weekdays $5.50
Skeet or Trap League (25 Targets) $5.25
Discount Ticket - Skeet/Trap/Wobble (10 Rounds) $52.25
Discount Ticket - Skeet/Trap/Wobble (25 Rounds) $124.00
Gun Rental
All Guns $11.00
Call for Ammo and Component Prices.
Sporting Clays
Sporting Clays (50 Targets) - Daily $20.00
Discount Ticket - Sporting Clays (5 Rounds) $90.00
Discount Ticket - Sporting Clays (10 Rounds) $170.00
Five Stand Sporting Clays(25 Targets) $8.00
Discount Ticket - Five Stand Sporting Clays (10 Rounds) $76.00
Archery Range
One Shooter, Per Lane/Per Hour $5.25
Leagues, Per Person/Per Hour $3.25
Each Additional Shooter (Maximum 4 Shooters), Per Lane $1.00

 --I love the fact that this is a Prince William County Park. I love Virginia!!


Andy said...

It's linked!

And this a good catch. I completely forgot about Bull Run.

Carl said...

The BRSC is A++.

Ian Argent said...

I want to make it over there one of these trips when I go to visit the family.