Camping, Guns and Chasing Cans

I love camping.

Squirrels Bane Loves Camping
For me, guns and camping have always gone together. Even if I don't go shooting while I am camping, I usually take some firearms. When I was a kid we camped a lot with the family. My dad always carried. It was very formative for me.

For simple personal security I usually have my Glock 21. I also have a 16 inch Mossberg 500 that fits neatly in my backpack as well as an Armalite AR-7.

Other than that I have found that suppressed guns are great for camping trips. Especially my .22LR handgun and rifle. This pic is my Ruger 10/22 with integral suppressor. I just got a new scope for it. It's a 3x to 9x zoom. Perfect for this rifle.

It's fun to chase cans. You can carry a huge pile of ammo easily and you don't have to even schlep hearing protection!

--And don't forget a good sling!


Old NFO said...

As long as the Mossy doesn't come out, you're correct :-) Looks like a fun little set up!

Steven said...

Handgun in a belt holster. Rifle on a chest sling. Shotgun in a sheath strapped on the side of the pack.