2011 NRA Annual Meeting Preps

Exhibit Hall
I am heading to the NRA Annual meeting for the first time this year. I'm trying to figure out what I should and shouldn't bring, scheduling my time, finding out who else is going! Tell me damn you!

I am bringing a Wingman. The Mighty New Jovian Thunderbolt. Or is he bringing me? Riding shotgun, perhaps literally. I had to promise that there would be many steaks there, beautiful women displaying guns, and good beer and much bacon. I hope Pittsburgh is a civilized city. Silent "h"s makes me worry.

In addition to simply attending, thanks to the Most Dangerous Librarian in the World, I will be part of the screaming, rabid hoard of media!!

I will have my digital camera and a notebook that should be able to collect months worth of Blog Fodder! I hope to meet a pile of fellow Bloggers and future friends! I expect to be using lots of exclamation points in the weeks that follow!!

--I believe I may even take a jacket and tie in addition to my favorite tactical pants and IWB holsters!


falnfenix said...

Chris and i are going, and we're rooming with MikeW.

Bubblehead Les. said...

I am coming in Thursday Afternoon, driving Solo (the Wife is staying home). I'm Staying at the La Quinta out by the Airport. A car will be available to drive Up and Down Pittsburgh's Cliffs if need be. I'm checking out Sunday, and heading home back then. I'm bringing a Sport Coat and Tie for Breda's Saturday Night SAF Reception w/ Alan Gura. Also, Thin Mints and Bourbon will be available for T-Bolt, if Tam and Breda don't get to him First. The rest I'm playing by ear. eMail me for my cell#, and I'll eMail you. I have no idea what Pennsylvania and Pittsburgh's CCW laws are vis-a-vis your home state, so you'll have to research that. We'll talk later, Mr.M.

JB Miller said...

Bourbon and cab fare...