Gun Fight - An HBO "Documentary"?

I watched the "Documentary" Gun Fight on HBO last night.

I am putting the word documentary in quotes it was very imbalanced on the side of gun control.

I see this as a perfect example in the tactical shift of gun control advocates. They realize that they can no longer rely on the facts of crime stats because they prove that more guns in the hands of law abiding citizens lowers crime. They even use the 2nd Amendment victories in the courts as a cause for fear. The unstated "blood in the streets" boogieman.

They are now trying to simply associate negative emotions with guns. Fear, physical pain, and non specific dread.

--I recommend that all gunnies see this. Know the tactics of your adversary.

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Anonymous said...

I tried to watch that piece of shit. It started off giving both sides. Then it turned into crap. It didn't use any facts at all. Ignored the truth.