Books: Boneshaker

I just finished reading the Steampunk novel: Boneshaker

It was a fun quick read. It was the first modern Steampunk novel that I have ever read. I actually stole it from my son before he could read it.

It has powerful woman, zombies, blimps, goggles, guns and gadgets. It was written like it was intended to be made into a movie. I would actually go see it!

This book targets the young adult market that has been a huge demographic lately. I believe it could have been better if it had addressed some more adult themes that it flirts with. Things like drug addiction, sex, drinking, vengeance and adrenalin junkies. The main character being a hot chick in leather with guns and goggles has such potential. Especially because she isn't afraid to get dirty...

--Thumbs up. It was fun.

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