What to do in stead of something

Don't Profile Islamic Radical Terrorists Males Between 18-35.
Imaging that the sex offender list was managed like the Terror Watch list.

"Mr. Johnson looks really creepy to me while he's walking that little dog, officer." The he goes on the list.

That is basically how people get on the Terror Watch list. NO Due Process.

So why would these fools in congress even consider something that would in never stand up in court. Why would they waste millions and millions of tax payer dollars on a complete non-started?

Because they can look like they are doing something in stead of actually doing something.

--How about deporting foreign nationals that are on the Terror watch list? Start there. 


Old NFO said...

Carter did it, 15000 times with muslims... sigh

Pumice said...

The weak part of your argument is the part about "standing up in court". The courts are becoming so partisan that they will rubber stamp what the Progressives do.

Grace and peace.

JB Miller said...

I don't see it. Even in DC where courts are very progressive DC vs Heller went to the gunners. Concealed carry keep expanding in the country. Even Constitutional carry, allowing concealed handguns with no permit, is spreading.