Developing Narative

The liberals heads are spinning as more details regarding the Orlando Killer are revealed.

Now there are reports that he was gay.

Why are Progressives choosing Islam over the LGBT community?

To me it doesn't matter what his sexual preferences or confusions may have been.

Radical Islam is the author of this event.

There will be another flaccid attempt at gun control that will get no where. But I think there may also be an effort to censor the Internet. That is a bigger worry. Liberal Fascists want to control the media more than guns. We see it already. Talking about, more specifically, criticizing Radical Islam will get you banned on Facebook.

--Will ignorance abounds...

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Pumice said...

Being banned from Facebook does not worry me since I only had a brief touch with it. The problem people like me will ignore is that it starts with Facebook but they want to expand it to cover everything. I imagine that Blogger is on their list.

Grace and peace