The Problem with the No-Fly-List

This issue is basically one of due process.

There is no transparency with the way people end up on these lists.

This is the worry. Suddenly all NRA members are put on the list. Hillary has called the NRA her greatest enemy. This administration has used the IRS and other agencies to harass conservative groups. Why not use the TSA to mess with gun owners.

There are hundreds of stories of people that landed on the no-fly-list and their nightmares of trying to get off it. Everyone remembers Senator Ted Kennedy being denied a flight because of the no-fly-list.

--I believe in due process. Even for assholes.


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Elizabeth Hanson said...

I agree with you. And surprise, surprise they make mistakes. I was just reading about someone who had his information stollen and put on a fake passport and now he is on the terrorist watch list and the no fly list. Totally not his fault, and yet there he is.

And you also don't know who they are going to decide is "bad". The FBI considers homeschooling families to be a high terrorist threat . . .