The Proofs Are In!

The final review proofs were delivered yesterday of Blood of the Scarecrow.

We are getting so close!

I have ten independent reviewers on my beta team that will read and make any final recommendations.

Based on past experience we are looking at a release date in just a couple weeks!

Watch this space for give-away's coming soon!

--So very close...

Speaking of Gun Bloggers that write Scifi, check out a new short story from Jim Curtis! 

Rimworld: Stranded

A military Sci-Fi short story.

Senior Sergeant McDougal wasn’t a combat troop, he was a maintainer. He was good at it, proud of his status, and on his first planetary detachment as the lead maintenance troop for an outpost.

But, when he got stranded on Regulus Four, a Rimworld and one of the clusters that formed the DMZ between the Patrol and the Dragoons, his status didn’t mean a thing…

Improvising, adapting, and trying like hell not to panic, he did his best to fulfill the Patrol’s prime directive to destroy the portable stargate, and still get himself off the planet in one piece before the Dragoons got to him. 

Go Buy It!

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Old NFO said...

Thank you sir! Awaiting your next book, and the sooner the better, I'm down to one unread book on the kindle now... :-)