Travel: San Francisco

I'm on business travel this week in California. It's a good trip because I get to see my Brother that lives here. Stay at his house, eat his food and drink his wine!

Here are a few observations so far.
  • Going places and not being able to carry makes me itch.
  • TSA security only took me 10 minutes total.
  • I don't even have one pocket knife.
  • Old school 737 with lots of leg room. No one in the middle seat!
  • No TV. No wifi.
  • I thought the millenials were going to get Kuntzman PTSD.
  • Peopl constantly worry about the fires and Earthquakes.
  • There are Bug out Bags by all the exits in my brothers house.
  • I will never get a good sleep pattern here.
--So there will not be much shooting content this week. Like a lot of weeks.

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Old NFO said...

Buy a cheap Kershaw, if you can find one... And those BOBs are there for a reason. And the San Andreas is moving.