The Asswipe
I was at work and overheard a debate about Gun Control. It was the classic liberal points. Blaming it on the guns. Do it for the children. Muskets vs AR15s and the Second Amendment.

I walked in and asked her, "Why do you think he did it? Why do any of these people do this?"

She replied, "Because they are crazy."

I asked again, "No, why did they do a mass shooting?"

She thought for a minute and answered, "To be famous. To be on TV."

I said, "I think we need a law that to levy heavy fines on any media outlet that releases the name or photograph of a mass killer. I'm talking millions of dollars. Bankrupt CNN size dollars with the proceeds going to victims and/or victims families. Refer to them as The Coward, or as The Bed-wetter. Remove the payoff and stop the behavior."

She protested, "But what about Free Speech? Freedom of the Press?".

"Suddenly the Bill of Rights IS important?", I asked.

--She vapor locked.


Old NFO said...

Good point! And hilarious that she vapor locked...

Nancy R. said...

You are my hero.

Anonymous said...

They have been eroding the 2nd Amendment for decades.

Realization = vapor lock