Saw this on the news this morning.

This photo was posted on FaceBook by a proud dad that had given his son a .22 for his 11th Birthday.

Someone called a child abuse hotline that resulted in a visit by four police officers and a rep from child support services.

They demanded to see the safe and all the firearms in the house.


They were told NO. If you do not have a warrant you are not seeing anything. If that is all, please leave.

Well done.

The police even pressured them, "Telling us no is acting suspicious. We can come back with a warrant."

Never allow ANY government officials into your home uninvited if they do not have a warrant. Never allow a search. Be polite. Answer any question with a question. 

--They are adversaries not your advocates.


Carl said...

They should be commending the parents for teaching him to keep his finger off the trigger. Unlike some of our Democrat politicians.

Bubblehead Les. said...

Someone out there made a Doormat with the Phrase "Come Back with a Warrant" on it.

Wonder if they're still for sale?

Anonymous said...

That kid is lucky to have parents that love him.

Old NFO said...

Yep, it's getting ridiculous out there!