Hollow Book Storage

I love hidden storage. I post about it pretty often.

A reader sent me a link to ETSY and this hollow book stash.

This is a really good Do It Yourself project as well.

It does not even cost much to do it. I recommend going to a used book store or even Salvation Army and buy a book for the project.

Make the book a boring title that no one will be interested in browsing. If you plan on storing it in a library, find one with a spine that is easy to spot even in low light. Don't use a children's book! This is not a gun safe, it's a gun stash.

I would also recommend once it is cut out to simply paint the interior with wood glue. It will lock the pages together. Maybe even add a small magnet latch.

--For bonus points use a  Liberal book on gun control!


Anonymous said...

I'd write on the inside cover, "Please note: This gun is loaded! You are also being monitored via video surveillance.

45er said...

I was given one quite a while back and I love it. The maker would go to re-sale shops and buy their old reference books that didn't sell well but were nice and thick and they work great.

Anonymous said...

I did this! I used spray adhesive and glued all the pages together first. Mark the outline you want to cut out. Use a drill and a saber saw. Easy