Well the world is shut down this morning in Northern VA.

We have a couple inches so far.

All the schools and even the federal government is closed.

I have to much to do to stay home, so after the sun is up I will pile in the car and go do donuts in the office parking lot.

Time to think about the emergency supplies in the BOB I keep in the car.

Holster options in bad weather are important. I like shoulder holsters while in heavy winter coats.

--Need more coffee. Need it bad...


Old NFO said...

Got coffee, got cigarettes, good day to do some gun cleaning :-)

Bubblehead Les. said...

Inventorying the Ammo Supplies is another Good Option. Who knows, you might be able to find some "Trade Goods."

For example, since I no longer own a .40 S+W, I'm heading to my Buddys Store to do some Haggling and Horse Trading tomorrow. Got my eye on another Rifle that a Different Friend is willing to sell me (AND we aren't doing Background Checks, either, because it's LEGAL to do so here in Ohio, so Screw You Bloomberg!), and since he needs some .40 for his shelves, well, Let the Capitalism Commence!

Also, think of it as a chance to get some Spring Cleaning in. The Outdoor ranges should be opening up soon, right?