Px4 .40 +2

One of my daily carry favorites is my Beretta Px4. 

It has my favorite feature set, including a $575 retail price, (except the safety switch is opposite my 1911, dammit).

The picture here shows  one of the +2 mags I have. That magazine holds 16 rounds of .40 cal and still rides nice.

My Galco holster is great and I open carry with it like this pretty often. No one ever seems to notice. If I wear one of my Hawaiian shirts It might print a bit but it's fine.

The weird thing is it weighs about the same as my compact 1911 with 7 rounds.

In the winter it's easy conceal carry. I open carry way more in the summer. I need me some summer!

--Come on Spring!


Laura said...

i think you were the person who finally made me seriously consider getting a PX4. couldn't be happier with the little thing. doesn't hurt that it looks like it fell out of a sci fi movie.

JB Miller said...

I also have the Cx4 that shares mags with this gun. It is awesome out to 100 yards with its EOTech!

Laura said...

i knows ya do. :) that's on my "want it!" list.

JB Miller said...

Next time you're out we should go to the range!

Laura said...

tell me when. :)