Cool Target

I love Killin Zombies. I love good targets. Here we have a bit of both!

These Zombie brain pans are represented by clay pigeons.  Great for speed drills and damn fun for the whole family!

Teach the kids early about head shots!

$29.95 – Face Off Outbreak Target
60×72″ Holds Standard Sized Skeet
Includes Aluminum Stand
Another fine product from Zombie Industries!

--Might have to get one for the kids shoot Nancy is planning. (taking kids shooting, not shooting kids...)


Anonymous said...

My wife would not even let me store that thing in my garage. She is so scared of Zombies. lol

Laura said...

I want this thing so dang badly but we don't have anywhere we could go to shoot it.

Broken Andy said...

That's actually a pretty good price for what it is.

Bubblehead Les. said...

Gotta have one for the next Blogshoot!

Old NFO said...

Next blogshoot is right! :-)

iffatali said...

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