Went shooting with some friends this weekend on a private farm that is close to where I live.

This is my favorite kind of shoot trip.

It was a beautiful day. We met there at about 8am and drove out through cow pastures to the huge field where we set up our firing line. We set up steel targets at 10, 25, 50, 100 and 250 yards.

Ruger Mark II: We started in close so the dew could burn off a bit before we walked a quarter mile through wet grass. We began with my suppressed Ruger Mark II. I really like not having to wear ear protection. It is so funny to have the bullet impact be the loudest part. It's funny when the bullet gets enough air time to cause that sonic crack. Then you can hear the echo of the crack that is louder than the gun and originates about 100 yards away. We also experimented with some sub sonic ammo. That stuff is super quiet! It did fail to cycle the action a couple times but it's still awesome. We ended up burning 500 rounds through it before the day was done.

Armalite AR-10B: We burned 100 rounds through my AR-10. I picked it up and rang the 50 yard target once, then the 100 twice, then on the very next shot I hit the 8" round 250 yard target. All with the iron sights. Then the 250 fell over! Well was knocked over. Even though it had a bucket of cement.

DPMS AR-15: I took the AR-15 aka Alice. It was ringing the 250 steel easily with the new scope. I never hit it standing though. Bummer. I also bought a clip of cheap Wolf steel case ammo to try. The second round jammed in the chamber hard. Not buying any more of that!

Savage 110FP: The 250 was easy with Fred, a bolt action .308. It is set at 2 inches high at 100 yards. It is about dead on at 250 yards. Could not tell really even with the spotting scope.

Saiga 12: Ran another box of 2.75 bird shot through Jerry Lee. Adjusted the gas a bit for a tune up. It still jammed 3 times out of 25. 

--I need some land, dammit!! Thanks again Andy!


Bits_and_Bullets Andy said...

I really appreciate you coming out, JB. It was a great time.

Bubblehead Les. said...

Someone had some Wolf .223 up at Jay's Shoot this summer. It jammed up a Colt AR to the point that Zercool and I had to take a cleaning rod and hammer it out.

Turns out that the Lacquer Finish they put on the Steel Cases can melt off, plus and Steel Cased Ammo just doesn't "Flex" like Brass. The Russians get away with it in their AK's because the Chamber tolerances are so loose.

One trick of the day is to get a Spray can of Lacquer Remover, lay out the ammo you plan on shooting that day, and spray and wipe. But if you have any extra, it'll probably Rust up on you in a few weeks, so plan ahead.

Still Jealous!