2012: The year of Upgrades

I think this year will be the year of upgrades. I have got plenty of guns I need to upgrade them in several ways. I have been shooting some quality stuff this year. OldNFOs Scopes are so awesome. TBolts Scout scope has super eye relief. I might even restore a few back to pure iron sights, like one of my Mini-14s.

Upgrade List Beginning:

  • Suppressors: AR-15, Glock 17, .22LR
  • Optics: EOTechs, Quality Scopes
  • Slings: For all rifles, shotguns, carbines
  • New Safe: Current one is sort of crowded
  • Grips: More slim grips
  • Stocks: Upgrades for a few select guns
  • Range bag: A big one
  • Holsters: Quality ones for several guns
  • Tools: Cleaning, smithing
  • Ammo: Stockpiles
  • Mags: Never have enough
  • SBR: The Cx4 Storm
  • Steel plate targets
Any suggestions to add to the list. I might also start to try my hand at reloading an get myself a press. Might renovate my shop as well. I want to really turn it into a gun smith shop. Plus a new stereo, TV, DVD and a fridge wouldn't hurt!

--What else should I add?


Anonymous said...

Spare parts for select firearms?

Bits_and_Bullets Andy said...

You should add the Wall Street hedge fund you plan on embezzling money from to the list, because your list sure sounds very expensive. :) Don't worry about getting caught, just register as a Democrat. :)

Seriously, sounds like you have enough on that list for 2012.

When I get the Mini-14 undorking project done, you and I need to do a Mini-14 day at the range.

Bubblehead Les. said...

A good padded Bar Stool and Good Lighting for the Bench will make it more comfortable. Also, one of those lighted inspection magnifiers helps a lot for our old eyes. But ditch the Fridge. You want Mayo from your Turkey Club dripping into a gun action? Same reason there's NO Alcohol around loose guns, nor Live Ammo for practicing your presentation. Safety First!

(Loose Gun: Gun not in holster, case or safe. How many people have died "Cleaning Loaded Guns while Drinking" over the years?)

Old NFO said...

First two are NOT gonna be cheap... neither is #4!

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...