Shade and shooting

In Saturday we were sooo glad we had brought along our own shade and chairs.

It was like 96 degrees that day and we were baking as it was. Without all the shade flies it would have been misery.

Even my black rifles could not be left uncovered in the sun. They would get too hot to handle.

On Sunday we had a little rain.

--So add a shade fly to your range bag!


Bubblehead Les. said...

Thank God Dicks ran a sale just before the shoot, and great minds think alike. Next year, though, I plan on setting up a separate "Lounge Area" far behind the line so we can take off our 'Eyes and Ears" with a 5 gallon Water Jug full of Ice Water, and maybe a Porta Potty.

Don't think it'll fit in my Range Bag, though. ; )

Nice shot of My Buddy, BTW. I'll send it along to him.


I truly appreciate being invited. It was an awesome day even after the rain came. I enjoyed being in the company of many wonderful people and the food was quite delicious. I would like to Thank the Hosts the Cooks and Les, a.k.a. BUBBLEHEAD Les for invitation and the Dinner.


Christopher Storm


I forgot to thank the Photographer- Thank You!!

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

GAWD it was hot.

45er said...

I can't stress that enough. We brought a couple to our last big shoot to put over the "rest area" and place where the guns were kept between shooting. Even that made a huge difference and we talked about putting them over the line next time.