It was a great weekend.

I spent a lot of time outside in the cool dry weather. The mid 60's and dry is my favorite. My efforts to get fit and lose weight take time. This combined with less time at the keyboard has made the blogging kinda thin lately.

Hunting season has started as well. I am going to archery practice tonight after work. Depending on how well I do tonight I may take to the field with my bow soon.

It's also the time of the year I strip and deep clean firearms, in the garage, using my air compressor to assist. I am going to take pics this year.

--Coffee and off to work. More later.


Old NFO said...

Meh... Archery and I don't work well together after three separated shoulders...

45er said...

I wish it would get into Fall weather and stay there. It's been teasing here with the occasional day in the 70s, the last weekend like that I pulled a muscle in my neck filling feeders. Sucks to get old. Then, it's back into the upper 90s. Sigh.