My friend Andy over at the Tempestuous Sea asked, "So why, oh why, oh why did I dork up my Mini-14?"

Well Andy you are not alone. I have two Mini-14's and both have been "Dorked!" Each one dorked for different reasons. The top one is rigged for close work and rapid target acquisition. Dot scope and LASER. The bottom one is configured to be light weight and shoot longer distances.

My two Ruger Mini-14's. Each dorked for different reasons.

--All dorked and I think I need another in stainless that I will leave in the factory stock!


Bubblehead Les. said...

Get the All Weather Stainless with Polymer Stock for the Monsoon Season.

Erin Palette said...

If by dorked you mean "made AWESOME!" then sure, those are dorked.

I mean, just look what I did to my Mosin-Nagant. Now THIS is dorky. ;)

Andy said...

JB, I think the Tapco stock is superior to the ATI Strikeforce. My opinion of the Ramline stock isn't so good though.

I'm still thinking about where I'm gonna take my Mini-14, but it will be in the more traditional direction.

FYI... Erin's Mosin is cool. If only they shot something other than 7.62x54R.

JB Miller said...

The Second Photo shows a Choate folding stock. Very nice, light and compact.

I like the adjustable shock on the Tapco better.

Old NFO said...

LOL- Just another reason to get 'another' gun... :-) Bout as bad as the 10-22 crowd!!!

Andy said...

Sorry, that looks nearly identical to the Ramline stock.

That Guy said...

I need to get a good pic of the rig I set up for my brother. A stainless Mini with the Choate folder, fitted into a Violin Case.

I'll see if I can get that in the next few days.