Gun Dreams

The shit had hit the fan long ago.

The fires seemed to still be burning. I knew if I took off the mask the air would kill me.

I had to get somewhere, I didn't know where, but I was going. I had my Saiga 12 configured as close to Abomination as possible. It had a 30 round drum, a 40mm grenade launcher and a tactical light.

If something moved I would have shot it.

Nothing moved.

I was walking thinking about how good it was to have the right boots and the right sling.

I found a roll of black duct tape on top on a blue mail box that had been torn open.

I smiled inside my mask. Thinking how no one could tell I was smiling.

There was a cemetery entrance there. I walked into the darkness of it. It was very familiar. The sound of the cinders under my boots was the only sound.

Behind me someone whispered, "You always knew..."

--Smiling. But she couldn't see...


Kirk said...

Hmm....sounds like a short blurb from a post-apocalyptic book/movie. I'd read it.

JB Miller said...

Might have to turn it into a novel to get it out of my head!

Anonymous said...

I think you should start a weekly serial story via the blog!