The Walking Dead

I was reading up on the new fall season starts of some of my favorite shows. The Second Season of the Walking Dead begins on October 16th.

I hope this season they get a bit smarter about Zombie killin. Look at the promo pic above. A double barrel shotgun, bolt action rifle, revolver, pump shotgun. Sheesh.

--Gimme a nice AR15!


Bubblehead Les. said...

Semi-Auto on the Deputie's Hip. But the girl with the Baseball Bat is an Epic Fail. Why? 80 pound Teen female taking on a 250 pound Zombie with a Bat when she could be carrying a plain Jane Ruger 10/22? Even if the Ruger has a Malf, she has an 18" Steel Barrel available for Skull Crushing. She's almost as big as the Asian Kid, for Crom's sake.

And the Dumb Ass Sheriff has his finger on the Trigger of his Wheelie, also.

Glad I gave up Satellite TV.

That Guy said...

Yeah, they had better get... well, better. Last season was cool (Zombies on TV!! Lookie!!), but it will get old real quick if they don't get rid of the soap opera stuff and start doing some zed whackin.

Mike W. said...

Yeah, there wasn't nearly enough zombie killin' towards the end of last season. They'd better get on it.

45er said...

Lots of drama in the filming. I just wish they'd make a good show. More Zed killin'. I am excited, though. I saw the post and went to make a reminder on my phone to set the DVR and realized I'd already done it. Please, please, please don't let me down.