Gun Bag Go-To Guns

People got me to thinking about the guns I have that usually find their way to the range with me.

When I go to the range it is usually with a specific focus. Sighting in a new scope or airing out a new firearm. That usually never takes a whole hour. So what do I take that makes up the difference? Usually they are guns with lots of mags already loaded.

First I take my regular carry piece. Currently my compact, slim gripped, 1911 RIA goes with five extra mags.

Second I take a Glock. My model 19 or model 21. Each with lots of preloaded mags.

Next would be one of my Ruger Mark III's.

Also one of my Ruger 10/22's.

--At least two of these guys ALWAYS go to the range with me. (One in a holster.)

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Old NFO said...

That works :-) That IS a sweet 1911!