Glock Factory Threaded Barrels

I am so glad that Glock is now making factory threaded barrels.

I already have a Glock 21 and was planning a suppressor. This will make that decision easier!

They are available for both the 9mm Model 19 and the .45 Model 21.

--I like it quiet.


Bubblehead Les. said...

"Shhhh! Be Wery, Wery, Qwiet. I'm a Huntin' Wabbit."

I'd get the .45 ACP first, since it's already Subsonic, and you'd have to get special rounds for the 9 MM.

That Guy said...

They better make a .40 barrel soon. I don't want to buy another Glock just to go on my Can.

JB Miller said...

I already have the .45 Model 21 Glock. Threaded Barrel Next. Can last.