Crossbreed SuperTuck Deluxe

When I was looking for an inside the waist band holster for my compact 1911, a reader recommended the Crossbreed SuperTuck Deluxe.

It cost less than $70 and is extremely comfortable.

I have been wearing it as my primary carry rig for about six months and still lovin it.

Excellent value.

--Make sure you always wear the right belt!


Andy said...

I have a CompTac Minatour MTAC, which the same type system.

That Guy said...

The belt thing is something I try to get across to newbie carriers, and it is so hard to get them to understand.

A good belt does not cost much more than the crap-o Wally World Special, and makes a quality holster perform MUCH better. I equate it to putting the cheapest retread tires on a Porsche. It might work, but not as well as it could.

If you have trouble concealing, wear a good belt. It will help.

Bob S. said...

I carry my Taurus Mil Pro Pt145 in a Supertuck and love it.

Was wondering though if you have any problems with the combat cut?

Does it pinch or chafe?

Sdv1949 said...

I love my SuperTuck and have turned many of my friends on to it. Regarding the combat cut, I ordered the standard model and then cut it the way I wanted and was comfortable for me.