When Kids Understand

One of the things that I wish people would come to understand is that keeping kids completely ignorant of firearms does not keep the safe. It places them at greater risk.

If a child can recognize a REAL gun he can take the appropriate action. Here is an example:

(AP) — An 11-year-old Ohio boy remembered warnings from relatives in law enforcement and didn't pick up a handgun he found in a neighbor's yard. Instead, Mason Knannlein had the neighbor call Toledo police and watched the gun until officers arrived, so no one else would touch it either.

The boy's mother and aunt say handling the gun could have been very dangerous. The Blade newspaper reports the gun had one round in its chamber, ten more bullets in its magazine and no external safety device.

The aunt is a county sheriff's deputy and says there'd been a burglary report and foot pursuit in the neighborhood last Tuesday, the day before Mason found the gun. But she couldn't say for certain that was where the gun came from.

We have seen many times the tragic stories of ignorant kids getting their hands on a real gun...

--I would like to shake that boys hand.

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