The Snubby from Hell

Last weekend I had the chance to shoot a Smith & Wesson 360PD Revolver (aka The Snubby from Hell). I had looked at this revolver many times at the Nations Gun Show. I am always looking for a good Concealed Carry gun. It has features like a decent caliber (.357 Mag), reliable action, small (Length: 6.375 in, Width: 1.312 in, Height: 4.25 in, Barrel Length: 1.875 in) and light (Weight Empty: 11.3 oz).

Yes, I said 11.3 ounces empty and a .357mag.

That is why JayG calls it the Snubby from Hell!

I like the double action and the smaller 5 round titanium cylinder. The alloy frame is what makes it so light. It won't make my pants fall down! I hate that!

--Great stuff. I'm putting it on the shopping list!

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