Movie Review: RED

The Miller Rating: 8 of 10

I really enjoyed this movie. It was paced well, great casting, acting, action, and I loved the characters. Especially Helen Mirren.

She must have been a shooter before this movie. No flinching. Not even blinking. Even with guns that had actual recoil. Great stuff.

It was great when she let rip with a .50 cal, belt fed, full auto. Funny thing was that they were not wearing hearing protection and simply talked with raised voices, standing right next to it. HA!

Lots of excellent Gun Love in this movie. Lots of different types. Hollywood loves MP5s. Almost as much as Desert Eagles.

I have never fired an MP5, but I would like to!

I also always love it when they have the heroes Hidden Gun Cache.

--Great flick for Gunnies!


Dave said...

Loved that movie.

bluesun said...

I see that I will have to spend some time at that imfdb site. I always wanted a place like that...

And I thought RED was very good also, first movie that I felt like I got my money's worth this year.