Inventory and Insurance

Several years ago my sister had a fire at her place. In addition to losing the barn and offices her husband lost all his guns.

He was lucky enough to be able to recover what was left of them from the rubble. The serial numbers, including make and model, were evident even with the stocks burned away.

They had not planned ahead. None of them had been documented.

I learned from their error.
I now keep an inventory folder of all my firearms. I take a digital photo of each. Annotate the photo with the serial number, make and model, any add-ons like scopes, stocks, LASERs and other options. I keep a spreadsheet of the mags I have as well. Because I have a lot of them. And tools, and other gear. I print all this off and keep the prints in a binder. That binder is in my safe deposit box with other important papers.

--Insurance supplemental riders is another story.


Bubblehead Les. said...

I'd add the sale receipts if purchased from a retail outlet. If bought from a Private seller, just make a note on when you bought it, how much, did you add "trade goods" to the pot, etc.

JB Miller said...

I do keep copies of the receipts in my binder as well.

I also keep a video walk though of my whole house in case of fire. Got that tip from This Old House.

I also keep a data drive with all my docs and digital photos.