The Range: Not about the Guns

When we go to the range or remote farms on Ohio to go shooting we mostly think about our guns and ammo. Admit it. There has been times when you got the range having forgotten your ear protection. We may remember our eye and ear protection, usually. But how much else do you really think about?

Here is a few more things to remember to take to the range:

  • Take a hat. Hats keep hair out of your eyes. On outdoor ranges or farms in Ohio they can keep your shaved heads from burning. They can shield your scope and eyes from bad angles of the sun. They can hide your eyes as you're checking out the Hot Librarian shooting in the next lane over. Hats are good.
  • Carefully select your clothes too. Some choices are way better than others. I have seen hot brass go down the fronts of many low cut shirts on women. Thinking of that, I smile when ever I see cleavage at the range. Well, honestly, I smile when ever I see a lot of cleavage. Can't help it. This problem is not just one for the ladies. I myself have had a lot of hot casing down the collar of my shirt. It's one of the reason I am usually untucked. The smart ones wear turtle necks.
--No hot brass dancing for them!


Anonymous said...

dont forget sunscreen.

Bubblehead Les. said...

I'd leave the 4 inch Spike heels behind, also.

LisaM said...

But Les, I bet you'd look fabulous in those heals. :)

Tam said...

I don't forget my eyes and ears because my eyes are also my sunglasses, and I also have two sets of eyes and ears in my range bag.

The bandanna or shemagh is not there to look cool and ninjy, it's to keep the brass from going down the back of your shirt collar.

The range bag also had sunscreen. And handwipes, to get the toxic crap off my hands after shooting. I worked at an indoor range for three years; my blood lead levels are plenty high enough as it is, without licking lead particles off my hands when I'm done shooting.