Todays NRA

I read a great article called "Why the “New NRA” Terrifies the Political Left" that addresses the invalid stereotype of members of the NRA. It talks about the NRA staff as well.

Among the NRA commentators are:
  • a gay multi-racial ex-Google employee (Chris Cheng)
  • a Venezuelan Olympian immigrant (Gabby Franco)
  • a white female (Natalie Foster)
  • a bespectacled hipster (Billy Johnson)
  • an  African-American lawyer (Colion Noir)
  • a former navy SEAL (Dom Raso)
  • a former beauty queen turned tactical training company CEO (Nikki Turpeaux)
They come from all walks of life, and different parts of the world, but their common, unifying trait  is what they are not: the “uneducated fat old white guys” that is the stereotype of gun owners perpetuated by the media.

--The Left will keep whining and stamping their feet like small children while the grownups talk.

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Murphy's Law said...

So what you're saying is that the NRA is more diverse and multicultural than MSNBC. Heh.