I was reading about the increased occurrence of a thing called Swatting.

It was on the national news when a kid swatted an opponent while playing online games with on camera. They thought it would be funny to watch the SWAT raid live via webcam.

This is so dangerous. These asshats will call 911 and say that they have shot their mother and siblings and are about to start shooting other people. Or another equally violent story. SWAT shows up and breaks the door down with guns drawn and safeties off.

There are so many things wrong with this. Callers, even kids, are spoofing the caller ID to cause these raids. Cops are too militarized. The whole concept of No-Knock raids with battering rams. Dogs being shot. Wrong addresses raided.

Sorry. I was piling on there.

--We need more Adam 12 and less SWAT.