Stream of Consciousness

I didn't have a queued up for today so I am just going to wing this one!

I saw this piece of art on This Isn't Happiness. It has several things that are my favorites: Killer Robots, Guns and Peeing Outside!

I was just reading that a town in Colorado just pasted a law requiring that every head of household own a gun and ammo. I don't like any law that requires me to buy anything. Not guns or healthcare.

I just saw on the TV news that some soccer mom fired a warning shot to stop six parents from beating a soccer coach that would not put their kids in the game. No arrests so far.

I need to research something. Does a .308 suppressor work with a 300 Blackout?

--Off to work for me. Happy Hump Day!

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ZerCool said...

.308 cans work beautifully on 300 blackout.