It was my anniversary weekend and the wife and I took a beautiful drive in the Blue Ridge mountains on Skyline Drive.

On the way back we stopped at several antique and junk stores. I saw lots of cool collectables of interest to gun enthusiasts. I saw civil war era rifles, hand guns and swords. I saw classic BB Guns and pop guns. Many other classic toy guns.

My favorite was a classic cap gun collection. I took a picture but didn't buy it. Might have to start collecting them if I see them individually in the future. I'd make a display case like this one.

--I also want to do an "In Case of Zombies Break Glass" display!!


Old NFO said...

LOL, they are dang near as expensive as a real gun now days...

Knucklehead said...

Skyline Drive is FABULOUS! Rarely able to get there but I can't think of a road I'd rather drive on.

See any bears?