JR Carbine Update

It has been a while since my JR Carbine has made its way out of the safe to the range. It has had as odd function issue.

This issue has gotten worse the more rounds I put through it.

I got to speak to the JR Carbine team while I was at the NRA Convention. Joe, the lead armorer was very helpful and took a lot of time to discuss the issue. He agreed that the buffer spring was too tight.

The day after I got home from the convention a new spring arrived in the mail. No charge.

That is good customer service.

It seemed better, but it did jam once, with a different kind of failure.

I was not running it this time with the suppressor to ensure that is not a factor.

--It shot pretty good at 150 feet.

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Old NFO said...

You've just not had good luck with that one have you...